Crisis and Employee Communications
for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic


At Poston Communications, our crisis team is closely monitoring the rapidly developing situation with the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). We are helping our clients effectively communicate during this difficult and unprecedented time.

We have developed crisis communications plans and templates that we are sharing with law firms and other businesses, and we are on the front line of helping some of the nation’s largest brands navigate this pandemic.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected], and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Back to Work: How to Strategically Communicate Reopening Plans

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This week, professionals across the globe reduced their morning commute to a quick journey from their beds to kitchen tables. As business leaders make the call to transition their workforces online in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), employees are facing new challenges associated with working remotely. At Poston Communications, we have a part-virtual workforce […]

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Don’t Panic: It’s Never Too Late to Make a Plan to Protect Your Business

There’s no doubt about it: Crisis begets crisis. Often, we hear from business leaders who have been dealing with a crisis for days, weeks or months but then find themselves dealing with new problems as a result. Cybercriminals, for example, are known to capitalize on organizational crises and catastrophic events to infiltrate IT systems. Then, […]

What’s Next With COVID-19: How to Work and Manage a Team Remotely

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Employers: Don’t Let Your Communications Become Distant

Over the last week, the United States saw a rapid increase in office closures amidst calls to “flatten the curve.” Business leaders across all industries made the difficult decision to transition their workforce online – taking an important step as the situation around COVID-19 continues to evolve. In order to ensure a truly seamless transition, […]

Coronavirus Brings Opportunities to Communicate with Clients, Employees and the Media

The Poston Communications team is receiving inquiries from law firms and other businesses nationwide on how to communicate with clients, employees and the media about the coronavirus outbreak. While this particular pandemic is uncharted territory for all of us, basic crisis communication strategies – including our “Plan, Respond, Advocate” system – can easily be plugged […]