Associations and Professional Societies


Reaching a Common Cause While Protecting Individual Goals

We help associations efficiently manage consensus building and communications with their internal and external stakeholders who often encounter competing agendas.

In addition, companies combining resources can advance an industry-wide cause. When many companies are affected by a problem or facing a crisis alone, the best communications solution is often a single reputable source of consistent and persuasive information representing a unified industry.

Services we offer for trade associations and professional societies include:

  • Education for association leadership about the value of public relations and public affairs
  • Thought leadership opportunities for association executives
  • Executive platform development and leadership training
  • Development and prioritization of messaging to achieve the organization’s top goals
  • Public education about issues important to the industry
  • Building advocacy initiatives with clearly crafted calls to action
  • Coalition and partnership building with new or compatible associations and organizations
  • Communication of key messages to donors and external stakeholders
  • Membership communications for industry news, initiatives and leadership activities
  • Conference and event communications and promotion
  • Communications strategy for recruitment and retention
  • Media relations training for association leaders
  • Crisis communications and reputation management
  • Social media strategy to provide a cohesive message across platforms
  • Content creation for the organization’s publications, newsletters, blogs and other materials
  • Collection and dissemination of research and statistics on the industry or profession
  • Development of brand continuity and collateral design