PRecision Curriculum


As part of Poston Communications’ commitment to excellence, we are focused on developing future leaders in public relations.

We created our PRecision curriculum as the foundation of our onboarding and development process for new hires and interns.

Poston Communications’ Internship Program provides hands-on experience combined with learning opportunities for recently graduated individuals, undergraduate students in their senior year of college and graduate students.

Through our PRecision Curriculum, our program covers all substantive areas that prepare our interns to take on a full-time role in our firm, as well as leadership topics, workstyle assessments and discussions of real-life career issues. Our interns are assigned to client teams, write and pitch story ideas to reporters and coordinate media placements.

We look for forward-focused self-starters with demonstrated leadership in their school work, extracurricular activities and their communities. Interns should be motivated by our fast-paced work environment and ready to be a team player.

We subscribe to a philosophy of “we, us, our” and look for individuals who want to be part of a collaborative culture, work hard and serve our clients exceptionally.

In addition, through our involvement with the Orlando Economic Partnership, our Orlando office interns participate in iGRO, a two-month program designed to retain our business community’s summer interns and new hires through showcasing “the other half of Orlando.”

For more information on internship and career opportunities, check out our Careers page.

What Our Graduates Say

Spotlight on Client Service

“They continue to impress with their responsiveness, creative insights, and ability to adapt to changing circumstances.”

Poston Client,

Spotlight on Our Team

While interning with Poston Communications, I witnessed how attorneys and other professionals manage complex issues for their clients while still having the time to generate business through various public relations strategies. During my two summers at Poston, this instilled in me a commitment to teamwork and professionalism that will continue to set me apart as I pursue my legal career. The collaborative environment at Poston fosters creativity and allowed me to see many different facets of the law.

Keevana Edwards, Law Student, University of Tennessee,
Poston PRecision Curriculum, Class of 2017 and 2018

Spotlight on Leadership

Interning at Poston Communications provides the unique opportunity to get truly hands-on experience doing real, challenging and rewarding PR. This responsibility is reinforced by the great support of and feedback from the brilliant team I was just getting to know. Our firm’s values include an “intelligent, and curious, commitment to excellence,” which I immediately recognized as essential for this work. I was called on to lead from day one by taking ownership of my work and making thoughtful recommendations on how we can best serve our clients.

Mikey Mooney, Vice President, Poston Communications,
Poston PRecision Curriculum, Class of 2013

Spotlight on Learning

Some interns are no more than glorified coffee-fetchers, but I'm happy to say that at Poston Communications, I was diving into the action from day one: creating media lists, listening to client calls, writing content and pitching journalists. I learned so much, particularly around accountability and time management, that I carry into my current role.

Deborah Harris, Sales Development Representative, Terminus,
Poston PRecision Curriculum, Class of 2017

Spotlight on Community

At Poston Communications, we are encouraged to be our best selves both inside and outside of the office. Community service is important to our team, and we take time to give back to those who need it the most – whether through pro bono PR projects or hands-on volunteering with organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the American Red Cross.

Nailah Jones, Corporate Communications Specialist, Goodwill of North Georgia,
Poston PRecision Curriculum, Class of 2018

Spotlight on Culture

Poston Communications has the benefits of a tight-knit workplace culture and the opportunity to work on high-level projects for sophisticated clients. The Culture Committee works hard to plan social outings, such as going to the SweetWater Brewery and The Painted Pin bowling alley after work, and the offices host regular lunches and companywide meetings, both in person and via video conference. All of this fosters collaboration that makes Poston a great place to work.

Jake Shapiro, Law Student, University of Georgia,
Poston PRecision Curriculum, Class of 2018

Spotlight on Skills

The PRecision Curriculum program and my internship at Poston Communications gave me the knowledge I needed to develop new skills and sharpen old ones. From project and time management to content creation and client service, I’m still applying the skills I learned during my internship in my everyday client work as an account executive. My internship and the PRecision Curriculum program armed me for success by providing me with the necessary resources to grow professionally, equipping me with a skill set that I likely would not have learned anywhere else.

Caroline Yancey, Account Executive, MSLGROUP,
Poston PRecision Curriculum, Class of 2017

Spotlight on Opportunity

I was lucky to find Poston Communications as a first internship. At the time, I was relatively inexperienced, but Poston looks for motivated interns who can take on legitimate PR tasks from day one. In fact, under the team's leadership, my first professional experience ended with a bang: an article published in The Wall Street Journal's Risk and Compliance Journal. How's that for real world experience?

Noah Gomez, Business Development Coordinator, Docler Holding Luxembourg,
Poston PRecision Curriculum, Class of 2015