Crisis and Litigation PR


Turning Challenges into Opportunities

This is especially true when coupled with humble, proactive leadership. Our risk management division, Poston Crisis, views potential challenges as an opportunity to improve a company’s performance not only during and after trying situations, but well in advance as part of a broad, studied and strategic vision.

The following entities from nearly all industries have

turned to us in times of crisis:

  • Public and Private Companies
  • C-Suite Executives and Business Owners
  • Corporate Law Departments
  • Law Firms
  • Associations


Specific issues and scenarios our clients have

faced include:

  • Compliance and Ethics
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Leadership Challenges
  • Litigation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Workforce Topics

To advance the needs of our clients, we offer

the following services and tactics:

  • Crisis Plans and Audits
  • Crisis Communications
  • Executive Messaging
  • Media Training
  • Litigation PR
  • Internal Communications
  • Proactive Public Relations to Minimize Future Crises
  • Corporate and Investor Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Public Affairs
  • Social Media

Law Firm as a Strategist and Leader

We partner with other international, national, regional and local public relations firms when necessary to appropriately staff our crisis and risk engagements.

For our law firm clients, crisis communications and litigation PR is a critical part of their legal practice today. We seek to educate attorneys about this opportunity. We then train and guide them to take the lead role in crisis communications and litigation PR strategy.

More specifically, we provide the following specific crisis products and services to approach various situations.


One-Hour Communications Consultation


Crisis Communications Plans and Workshops


Litigation PR Plans and Workshops


Lunch and Learn:  “Ethics, Trial Publicity rules
and the Attorney-Client Privilege”

  • Critical Components of a Powerful and Effective Crisis or Litigation PR Program
  • Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Open Courts
  • Public Records
  • Public Officials and News
  • Trial Publicity


Lunch and Learn:  “Understanding the Media as Part of
Legal Representation: Litigation PR for Defense Counsel

  • Ethics, Open Courts, First Amendment and Defamation
  • Crisis Communications
  • Litigation Strategy
  • Learning “How We Can…” Instead “Why We Can’t…”
  • Defamation, Libel and Slander
  • Working with and Guiding Your Client’s Public Relations Team
  • (Please note, this could also be customized for specific litigation areas.)

Lunch and Learn:  “Crisis (and/or Litigation) Workshop
and Role Play Session”

  • Individual Participants Assume the Role of a Player in a Controversy
  • Messaging Development as the Situation Unfolds
  • Training on Best Practices Throughout
  • Can Be a Real Client Situation
  • Clients Can Participate


One-Day Program: Work with Internal to Manage External

“Litigation PR and Crisis Audit and Planning Session”

  • Part One – Form a Crisis Communications Team
  • Part Two – Gather the Facts
  • Part Three – Write a Standby Media Statement
  • Part Four – Reach Important Audiences Beyond the Media
  • Part Five – Select Communications Tools
  • Part Six – Evaluate Social Media Engagement
  • Part Seven – Prepare Spokespersons


Multi-Part Annual Litigation PR Training

  • Part One – Legal PR 101
  • Part Two – Understanding Legal PR as Part of Litigation Practice
  • Part Three – Guiding Clients with Regard to Litigation PR and Crisis Communications
  • Part Four – Litigation Crisis Workshop