Did you know that more than 50% of the U.S. population is listening to podcasts? As businesses start to embrace the work-remote model, we will likely see the popularity of podcasting increase.

Consider all the marketing dollars you allocate to seminars, speaking opportunities and networking events. While webinars are a viable option in certain instances, what if you are trying to reach a nationwide audience that is not available at the same time? Podcasting is an ideal solution.

At Poston, we offer podcasting services for clients globally. By partnering with AudioFile Solutions, we provide interviewing, scripting, coaching, recording, editing, sound effects, ADA transcripts, publicity and more. Further, our team is comprised of former broadcast journalists who are able to participate in the interview to make it easy and natural for our clients.

If you’re still on the fence about podcasting, here are some additional reasons to consider it.

It’s easy and can be done from anywhere.

That’s right. You could be in any corner of the world and as long as you have a phone (preferably a landline), we can help you record a high-quality sounding podcast, edit it and help you launch it. Additionally, we can help with metatags, graphics, social media and publicity for months to come so you can take advantage of a longer media stretch to build your brand and exposure. Our project management service streamlines the production process, allowing your team to focus on other initiatives while we ensure every podcast is perfectly produced.

Podcasts are for everyone.

Podcasts come in all shapes and sizes. While we typically advise our clients to stick to a 20-minute format, you may be working on a complex case or law and need to be recorded in longer or shorter formats. We discuss the strategy of each podcast with our clients and provide tips on how to keep your audience engaged.

It builds trust with your audience.

Writing and speaking are sure ways to gain business, especially if you commit to a consistent, long-term plan. Podcasting allows you to build trust and loyalty, developing a unique brand that consumers come back to and listen to for advice as needed. Much like video, podcasts are a proven way to build a following.

Poston Podcast Products

Poston Communications’ content and digital strategy, combined with full-service podcast and video production capabilities, can help you leverage the power of podcasting to bolster your multimedia presence. Typical podcasting uses include:

  • News-breaking activities
  • New laws and how they impact business
  • Client spotlights
  • Campaigns
  • Anniversaries

When faced with legal challenges, clients want immediate access to all available information – they often turn to search engines first. Podcasts are recognized by online search engines as high-quality content, and our digital experience and skills help clients produce podcasts that rise above the rest. Podcasting services provide a cost-effective solution for clients to leverage a proven, effective medium to build relationships with their target audience, while also driving favorable search results.

Are you ready to grow your online audience and win more work? Contact us to learn more.