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Programs and Webinars

Substantive and skills-based programs that educate and equip attorneys, both in-house and private practice, to develop a winning communications strategy. Topics include media relations as part of your professional competency as counsel, the state of the media during COVID-19, successful virtual communication, litigation PR, crisis communications and more.

Expert Faculty

Our programs are taught by various members of our agency, from Poston Video and Poston Crisis & Litigation PR division directors to top agency leadership. Occasionally, outside consultants are brought in to offer specific insight on niche topics.

Hourly Consulting

Through one-on-one sessions, group workshops and in-person and virtual training programs, we offer a full suite of media training and coaching services to advance your business objectives. Blending our skills in media relations and leadership coaching, we also help executives articulate their strategic goals to key stakeholders including employees, investors, stakeholders, media and the public.

Professional Continuing Education Credits

Our courses are regularly awarded CLE credit in most jurisdictions, and we also provide assistance in addressing CLE-related questions and issues for attendees.

Poston Programs

Media Relations as Part of Your Professional Competency as Counsel

  • Your role as legal counsel in crisis situations
  • Strategies for in-house legal departments during crisis situations
  • Litigation PR: Effective media strategies for defense counsel
  • Managing a virtual law practice and the related communications strategies
  • Reporters’ perspectives on legal topics related to COVID-19

Media Relations During and After COVID: How PR for Lawyers is Evolving

  • State of the media during the COVID pandemic
  • Strategies for in-house legal departments during crisis situations
  • Strategies for using media relations and PR as part of your business development initiatives
  • Video’s emerging role in media interviews for print and online outlets
  • Video’s role in client and business development presentations and best practices.
  • Your role as legal counsel in crisis communications

Successful Virtual Communication: Mastering Your On-Camera Presence

  • Managing a virtual law practice
  • Video’s emerging role in communications: The teleconference / webinar presentation
  • Virtual strategic communication: Crafting a winning message
  • Presentation skills: Looking the part and communicating effectively
  • State of the media during the COVID pandemic

Litigation PR: Effective Media Relations Strategies for Defense Counsel

  • Client POV: Litigation as a corporate crisis
  • Communications alignment with litigation strategies
  • Media relations strategies and tactics: Your role as counsel
  • Ethical considerations: First Amendment, trial publicity and attorney-client privilege

Litigation PR Training and Simulation Workshop

  • The case for litigation communications
  • Analyzing your case: Identifying communications problems and opportunities
  • Plan, respond, advocate: Building your communications plan
  • Stakeholder engagement and media relations strategies

Public Issue Advocacy: Lessons from the Supreme Court

  • Public relations vs. trial publicity
  • Command the narrative: Create, sustain and manage public interest
  • Plan, respond, advocate: Building your communications plan
  • Effective media relations and community engagement strategies
  • Measuring and promoting your success

Working With Your Clients and PR Agency to Publicize Client Deals

  • Integration of corporate legal work and communications strategies
  • Understanding how legal counsel connects to communications to become a better business consultant
  • Your increasing role as legal counsel in communications
  • Keeping yourself in first chair by bringing internal and external

Best Practices for Creating Thought Leadership

  • Uncovering or creating data through research and surveys
  • Spotting trends for your practice and clients
  • Writing content as actionable steps rather than narrative
  • Designing and utilizing an editorial calendar
  • Including clients, referral sources and prospects in content

Crisis Communications: Gaining and Retaining Your Counselor Role through Plan, Response and Recovery for Your Law Firm and Its Clients

  • Crisis as an opportunity
  • Public relations as a part of a successful legal practice today
  • Litigation PR strategies
  • Working with legal departments and clients’ PR teams
  • Legal ethics and attorney-client privilege