Video allows you to make a personal connection with your audience like no other media.

With screens multiplying and attention spans shrinking, video is an essential tool for reaching audiences that are too busy or distracted to read. By capturing attention in a crowded media landscape, video provides a dynamic opportunity to get to know an individual, organization or concept on a deeper level. A well-crafted video can evoke a visceral response that quickly and effectively conveys your message to your targeted audience.

Controlling Content in a Crisis

In a crisis situation, video can help you control the story in a compelling way. Our Poston Crisis team is skilled at anticipating media needs and proactively crafting your video message to bring a confident and commanding approach to any situation. When producing your own video, you own the content, which you can package and distribute for news outlets to pick up and use. Video is an important tool of what is known as “corporate journalism.”

Telling Your Story Across Multiple Platforms

Poston Communications uses video to tell your story in ways that distinguish you from the competition. We are experienced in video project management, and we work with partners to create corporate video for a variety of uses to support marketing and communications strategies.

Online search engines recognize video that engages digital audiences as a hallmark of quality content. Our Poston Digital team can optimize your video content for search engine results pages and social media campaigns.

Video can be highly versatile and effective across multiple platforms, and our background in journalism, marketing and social media allows us to tailor video content to your unique needs. A single video shoot can produce compelling content for your website, social media and video news releases for other media channels. This provides a cost-efficient solution for clients who are seeking to maximize their media exposure on a budget.

Poston Video Products

Poston Communications’ content and digital strategy, combined with full-service video production capabilities, can help you leverage the power of video and develop your multimedia presence to meet your communication goals. Video products we offer clients include:

  • Legacy videos
  • Recruiting packages
  • Anniversary videos
  • Client alerts / newsletters
  • Biographies
  • Client spotlights
  • Internal business development features
  • Media training
  • Presentation skills training
  • On-camera interview simulations

We provide a full range of services to develop your video message from conception to final product. Our multimedia planning, production and distribution capabilities include:


  • Market research and strategic planning
  • Brand positioning and development
  • Script development and writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Location scouting
  • Creative direction


  • Videography
  • Video editing
  • Drone videography
  • Location setup
  • Audio recording
  • Lighting
  • Teleprompter
  • On-location production, direction and coaching

Postproduction, Packaging and Distribution

  • Video news releases
  • Satellite media tours
  • B-roll
  • Sizzle reels
  • Social media video
  • Custom animation
  • Infographics