Awards: Benefits of Law Firm Submissions to Legal Directories

Posted by Georgie Palm
April 27, 2024

As Chambers announced its 2025 research schedule in early April and both Chambers and The Legal 500 rankings are set for release in late May or early June, it’s clear that legal directory submission season has arrived. While we hear a lot about how to prepare an effective submission for these legal directories, we rarely hear about why it is important for a law firm to submit. Addressing this question upfront is critical when considering this year’s submissions because you can bet that the attorneys you rely on for the information to complete the submission are wondering about it. Being prepared to answer this question thoughtfully will enhance buy-in from these attorneys and all stakeholders.

So, an attorney comes to you, clearly frustrated with the time and effort it takes to put these legal directory submissions together, and asks, “Is this really worth it?” Here are five things you can tell them.

Understanding the “why” behind your firm’s legal directory submissions can shape the process to align with broader strategic objectives. Take into account strategic implications such as brand enhancement, market positioning and attracting top talent when initiating the process this year. Doing so may increase buy-in from the attorneys involved in the completion of submissions.