Leadership Communications

Our goal is to support your success no matter where you start.

You’ve read the Forbes and Inc. articles, listened to a thousand podcasts and spent hours in leadership seminars. You may have dozens, hundreds or thousands of employees. The boardroom is your domain. You strive for excellence every moment of every day. That’s why you know there’s always an opportunity to further develop yourself as a leader and expand your professional brand, while preparing for new challenges that may lie ahead for you or your current organization. With that in mind, we are excited to offer a unique professional development service designed for today’s business leaders.

Who will benefit:

  • C-suite and executive leaders who may have received training or assessments but struggle to find the time or opportunity to implement the recommendations.
  • C-suite leaders who are comfortable with their peers but want to feel more confident and at ease in all
    aspects of their professional life.
  • C-suite leaders who are ready to refresh their leadership style and personal brand.
  • C-suite leaders who want to maximize their external communications strategies to command and control
    the narrative about their business and leadership in the media.

Our customized leadership counsel program is based on your needs.

We offer an initial holistic evaluation to establish:

  • Your desired outcomes from the program.
  • A baseline of your leadership strengths from assessments, including CliftonStrengths and feedback from
    clients, employees and peers.
  • Your personal mission, vision and values.
  • Your benefit statement – what sets you apart from the rest.
  • Career map and strategic plan with short- and long-term goals to get there.

A comprehensive report and recommendations will be provided based on your results.

Communications counsel for leaders

Our experienced team of strategic communicators, presentation skills coaches, journalists and digital marketing professionals offer a comprehensive suite of services to enhance your leadership skills and abilities.

Executive Presence:

  • Developing a personal brand, including marketing materials to take your career to the next level. Our team of experienced writers and content producers can help develop your resume and create dynamic executive leadership summaries and bios, social media strategies, professional headshots and videos.
  • Enhancing your presentation skills for all audiences with tactics to gain consensus and buy-in for your strategic initiatives.
  • Elevating your emotional intelligence to better connect with, motivate and build trust among critical
    stakeholder groups – from the boardroom to your employees, clients and customers.

Internal Communications and Employee Relations:

  • Building relationships and trust within your team, managing up, laterally and across all divisions to achieve your goals.
  • Navigating generational and cultural differences in the workplace to effectively communicate, increase
    productivity and boost morale.
  • Maintaining positive sentiment whether you’re delivering good or difficult news to your internal audiences.Increasing diversity and inclusion within your organization as a competitive advantage.

External Communications and Media Relations:

  • Developing business from your external communications strategies, including media relations, which
    promote your clients and support your customers’ values.
  • Media training and interview simulation to both promote and protect you and your brand.
  • Developing professional relationships with the media and other external stakeholders, including
    government officials, regulators, associations and community organizations.
  • Communicating confidence in crisis with effective planning, preparedness and response techniques to
    advocate for your organization.

Success Stories

Creating a Framework for Leadership Excellence​:

For several years, Poston Communications has represented the Atlanta Bar Association, serving its presidents, board of directors, executive director and staff. ​Annually, we would join the executive director to plan for and hold a meeting with the incoming president to help establish his or her platform, and design effective communications strategies to achieve their objectives. ​This rewarding relationship was much more than simply implementing a public relations program. It was the epitome of coaching organizational leaders and devising high-level strategies to help them to become more effective in the execution of their leadership platform. With those important initiatives underway, we strove to make their jobs easier and help them achieve their goals, often in ways they were not aware of as we anticipated their needs. ​We crafted speeches and message points, and we provided media and presentation training for seven presidents and two executive directors.

We estimate that over the six-year period of our working relationship, we also wrote and distributed over 50 press releases, reestablished and revitalized media relationships with numerous publications, pitched more than 50 story ideas, and drove and sustained growth within the organization’s 6,000-member roster and financial commitments during the 2008 recession.

​Communicating Vision​:

Our firm successfully communicated the transition of leadership for one of Florida’s largest law firms. ​Through collaborative working sessions with the firm’s incoming president and CEO, Poston Communications established message guidance to effectively communicate his leadership platform. We secured exclusive coverage with a top media outlet, repairing a previously strained relationship between the outlet and firm to ensure favorable coverage. ​ Additionally, we provided communications coaching and media training with interview simulation conducted by a former NBC News investigative journalist and continued to secure favorable coverage for the firm and its leadership in national and Florida-based media outlets.

An Innovative Solution to Care for Our Community​:

We are providing strategic communications and leadership counsel to the Orlando United Assistance Center (OUAC), which serves the victims of the Pulse Nightclub Tragedy, as the collaborative nonprofit and government agencies that support the center determine the future needs of the families of those taken, survivors and first responders. ​Poston Communications is overseeing this critical research initiative, working alongside the city of Orlando, the Orange and Osceola County governments, the Central Florida Foundation and the Heart of Florida United Way.​

We recruited and oversaw a dynamic, volunteer team to facilitate the research including Dr. Erica Fissel, an
assistant professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Florida and another community volunteer that regularly conducts qualitative research for a Fortune 100 company. We created a communications plan to announce the research initiative and recruit participants, including key messaging for internal, external and indirect stakeholders. ​To date, the research initiative has received positive media coverage and stakeholder response, well-positioning the OUAC for future funding to continue its mission. Are you ready to refresh your leadership style and improve your organization from the top down? Contact us to get started.