Awards serve as valuable tools to elevate brands and achieve business development goals

In the competitive legal landscape, standing out is essential for lawyers and law firms. Awards, rankings and submissions serve as valuable tools to elevate brands, achieve business development goals and retain talent. These recognitions bolster visibility and credibility, differentiating lawyers and attracting new clients and referral sources. Strategically leveraging these accolades positions lawyers as trusted professionals and showcases a commitment to excellence.

Poston Content’s experienced team of former in-house legal marketers, writers, awards specialists and subject matter experts can help you and your firm stand out.

Poston’s awards offerings include:

  • Awards calendars and research
  • Timely awards news and opportunity alerts
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Training for in-house staff
  • Advising on how to utilize awards for business development
  • Interviewing nominees
  • Compiling case studies and deal results
  • Drafting and editing nominations and submissions
  • Preparing key representatives for award researcher interviews
  • Reference and referee management
  • Tracking of award submissions and key wins
  • Promotion of awards through web and social


Navigating the Process

Building a solid legal rankings program requires time and effort. The timeline can vary based on factors such as firm size and available resources, as well as changes from the awarding association or publication. While individual lawyers can witness swift returns on investment through compelling submissions, the process requires meticulous planning, thorough market research and adept tracking.

From strategically curating an annual awards calendar aligned with your business development goals to skillfully drafting nominations that encapsulate all your achievements to seamlessly engaging with researchers and editors of awards programs, our Poston Content team can help you navigate the entire awards process and build your awards program to be the best that it can be.

Poston’s distinctive approach goes beyond elevating your firm and lawyers with awards; we consistently strive to enhance your client relationships. Whether it’s nominating your clients for awards or adeptly seeking their input as references for your firm, our focus remains on deepening connections and fostering business development success.