Sharing your knowledge builds relationships and establishes you as a thought leader

Timely, well-written and incisive client alerts, bylined articles, blog posts and other relevant content send the message to clients that you and your firm can provide wise, pertinent and timely counsel. It is the basis of what is becoming known as “corporate journalism.”

However, such knowledge-based marketing focused on the intersection of business and law is often an unfulfilled opportunity because it is difficult for attorneys to find the time to write content for client service and business development purposes.

At Poston Content, our experienced writers and editors can tell your story in ways that distinguish your practice from the competition.

Our content products include:

  • Website Pages
  • Bios and Profiles
  • Client Alerts
  • Bylined Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Practice Area Descriptions
  • Video Scripts and Production Consultation
  • Social Media Copywriting
  • External Communications
  • Award Nominations
  • Chambers and Partners Law Firm Rankings
  • Legal500 Law Firm Rankings

Content is defined by its purpose, and each product performs a specific job

Is it trying to get someone’s attention? Convey information or provide instruction? Persuade, sell or influence public opinion? Our products are designed with these purposes in mind – the attention-getting “wow,” the informative “how” and the relevant “now.” The message also helps to shape the medium. Understanding why content is necessary sharpens the focus on who it is for and how it is presented. The key question underlying all content is “What does my audience need to know?” rather than “What do I want to say?”


The Poston Newsroom

Successful content depends on a deep understanding of the audience. Poston Content’s knowledge of what works and what doesn’t for clients, professional peers and award judges is based on our substantive research and experience. Using science of formatting, our ability to template information in a format that readers will digest quickly is a valuable perspective that we bring to the table.

We operate Poston Content on a newsroom model: We have a roster of editors, writers, copy editors and proofreaders who take assignments from law firms, conduct research, interview lawyers and deliver finished content that is ready to be published on many platforms through multiple channels.


The Poston Process

These factors help us make the most efficient use of attorneys’ time while ensuring quality and supporting the firm’s business development and marketing goals:


We work as your partner in content creation. While we use our client relationship manager to strategically oversee and guide the process, we still assign writers and editors to your account on a permanent basis so that they get to know the firm, its culture and business objectives, and build relationships with attorneys and professional staff.


We begin our relationship by discussing the firm’s goals for content. From the beginning, we want to be sure that we’re creating content that aligns with your needs and expectations. This includes audience,
distribution channels, frequency, length, tone and voice, style, topics and other factors.


Every firm has a unique voice for its content. The writers we dedicate to your account give you the same advantage of consistent quality as having professionals in-house.


Our client relationship managers – the professionals driving the effort – have years of experience working on behalf of law firms. Their commitment to aligning content with business development results differentiates us from other writing services.

Writers and Editors

Our writers and editors all have spent the better part of their careers working as lawyers, in-house marketing professionals or as reporters and editors at industry publications and research outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Best Lawyers and those produced by American Lawyer Media (ALM).


We have a proven track record. We have created alerts, blogs, bylined articles, newsletters, practice
descriptions and other website content, award submissions and other material for Am Law 100 firms across the country. Our work has covered some of the most complex and emerging areas of law.


We have conducted substantive research into the science of formatting related to alerts, newsletters and
other marketing tools used to approach in-house counsel. Thus, we have implemented processes that
bring predictability to every stage of content creation, from writing standards and SEO to delivery and


We are committed to consistency in everything that we do. With content, we employ a three-proof rule. Our
writers and editors share an appreciation for attention to detail, AP style and excellence in communications.

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