Awards: How to Prepare Compelling Chambers Submissions

Posted by Kristen Greer
June 28, 2024

It’s summer, which means the Chambers season has officially arrived! The first Chambers USA 2025 deadline is July 11. The following deadlines are:

While many of you have likely already started your submissions, below are some pointers we’ve learned from our years of Chambers experience.

Get attorney buy-in. If attorneys related to your submission don’t want to be involved, the submissions may be incomplete and, ultimately, unsuccessful.

Give yourself enough time. Set internal deadlines to ensure you and your team have time to gather, proofread and edit all materials before submitting.

Use the provided templates and forms. Remember that while individual researchers are reviewing your materials, those materials also go into a computer system/database. Using a different format than the one provided can harm accurate information storage and harm your chances of recognition.

Answer the prompts. When considering what the firm and the department are best known for, don’t use buzzwords or copy existing information from your website. Truly answer and explain what differentiates your firm’s practice from the competition. Remember that the Chambers reviewers are legal researchers, not necessarily clients. They likely aren’t as concerned with the flexible billing structures you offer but rather the breadth and depth of experience that the department has.

Share fresh insight and information. Do not copy or rehash website bios. Make sure the submission highlights the latest developments from the firm.

Stay in tune with the process. You don’t have to be besties with the researchers, but you should know who they are and where your submission is in the research process. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the researchers questions; they’ll be happy to hear from you!

Kristen Greer is Poston Communication’s awards and rankings manager. She is responsible for researching, organizing and generally supporting clients with professional awards and recognitions.