Dave Poston’s Take on 2023’s Pride Month and Communications Lessons for the Legal Industry in the Legal Intelligencer

Posted by Poston Communications
June 30, 2023

Dave Poston, Co-Managing Partner and CEO, penned an article this week for the Legal Intelligencer discussing a difficult year of LGBTQ+ freedoms being questioned, how companies and the legal community responded and how this year’s Pride was more important than ever for the community.

His article, “Leadership and Communications Lessons for the Legal Industry from Pride Month 2023,” provides advice for law firm leadership as to what it means to be an ally and how to support their clients, employees, partners and vendors.

He writes: “Committed to openness and having decided to stand up when the time is right, as members of the legal community we can help clear the air with regards to misinformation and keep us all focused on the truths inherent in our nation’s foundations. Confront false narratives and speak simple truths. Guide your clients to stay calm in the midst of changing times. Be supportive to individuals in our daily lives. Help us all communicate with one another, so that we all progress together with caring and kindness.”

To read more of the article, visit the Legal Intelligencer here.