Diversity: Communicating Support for Nonbinary and Transgender Employees Benefits Everyone

Posted by John Brown
April 29, 2024

The current divisive political environment, particularly in the midst of a presidential election year, can create a myriad of issues for firms and their employees. In particular, nonbinary and transgender individuals are under attack, with more than 470 pieces of legislation in 41 states proposed so far this year that seek to limit the rights of transgender individuals. Maintaining clear communication with your diverse workforce, including individuals who are transgender or gender nonconforming, can help ensure that all employees feel valued and accepted in the workplace.

The following tips will help your firm foster an environment of trust, mutual respect and gratitude between all employees.

Get ahead of conjecture and divisiveness. Begin by realizing that each employee has specific needs and then communicate with fairness and consideration. This will create a culture where your colleagues are not afraid to bring their whole selves to work. When that happens, people—and firms—thrive.

John Brown is vice president of content and is based in Atlanta, GA.