House of Content Horrors: Content Writing That Will “Scare” Off Your SEO

Posted by Poston Communications
October 27, 2022

The final installment of our annual House of Content Horrors will focus on a process that may frighten some content marketers as they explore the roiling landscape of search engine optimization (SEO). While constantly-evolving SEO algorithms may seem supernatural to you, below are four spine-chilling SEO mistakes that a content writer should never make.

Ignoring Search Intent

As we mentioned in our previous installment of this series, “Five ‘Deadliest’ Legal Marketing Content Boo-Boos,” writing for your audience is of the utmost importance, not only for your readers to find value in the content you’re publishing, but also for your readers to find your content in general. Search intent is the reason a reader is searching for your content. Focusing on this “why” for SEO purposes will bring your readers to your content – it’s like witchcraft.

Too Many Keywords or Not Enough

Content marketers all know the importance of keywords, but some might not know the detriment too many keywords can do to your content. Oversaturating your content with too many keywords might make search engines think your content is spammy and drop your SEO ranking – how horrifying!

Lacking Strategy Behind the Meta Title and Description

Meta titles and descriptions are what appear in search engine search results. They also appear when someone posts your link on their social media timeline. So, it’s important that these titles and descriptions are compelling. This magic spell ensures your audience will be interested and want to click on your content. This boosts your SEO ranking – no further potions or spells needed!

Focusing Only on SEO                                                                       

While SEO should be a critical part of your content strategy, it should not be the only part. Search engines have actually evolved their algorithms so that if readers, not bots, don’t find your content valuable, you’re not going to enjoy higher rankings. What is the enchanted formula needed to balance all of these things? Write quality content with SEO in mind, have a clear objective for your content, provide value to your audience, and your SEO ranking will rise – it’s not just a bunch of hocus pocus.

Put a stake in it – our House of Content Horrors is done. We hope you enjoyed this devilishly fun series and look forward to having you join us next year.