House of Content Horrors: Five “Deadliest” Legal Marketing Content Boo-Boos

Posted by Poston Communications
October 26, 2022

For the next installment of our annual House of Content Horrors, the team went on a wild ghost chase to find the five “deadliest” content mistakes.

#1 Writing for an Invisible Audience

It’s important as a legal marketer to tailor your content to your target audience. How? Put yourself in their shoes to address issues that affect them or offer insights for a major problem they are facing. It would be very spooky if you spent the time putting a piece of content together and no one ever read it.

#2 Fearfully Long Content

While we know that lawyers tend to write in longer form, and while your insights might be incredibly well-researched and interesting, make sure the length of your content provides the right value for your readers. If you’re helping an attorney write a blog post about a pretty basic concept, keep the piece short. If you’re helping an attorney with a client alert about a brand-new law or court precedent, this might warrant a longer form piece.

#3 Ghastly Proofing

Forgetting to proof, or proofing your content sloppily, can cut the heart out of a really engaging piece. You could lose your audience and you could damage the reputation of your legal brand. Be sure to have a second, or even a third, set of eyes to exorcise those typos.

#4 Publishing and Leaving the Promotion to Your Poltergeist

Promoting your content is the key to getting it read by your target audience, especially on the social media channels that your readers haunt. Meet them on the appropriate platforms and maybe they’ll even continue to revisit your page like a black cat in front of the Sanderson Sisters’ cottage on Halloween night.

#5 Scaring Off Your SEO

Search engine optimization, known as SEO, is critical to the success of your content campaigns. What happens if you scare it off? More on that in our final installment of this year’s House of Content Horrors.