PR: Navigating Election-Year Media Pitching

Posted by Kaden Jacobs, APR
March 13, 2024

Election years are a prime opportunity to showcase legal expertise and contribute to the public discourse on crucial matters. To effectively pitch media during this politically charged period, it’s essential to consider various factors that can make an attorney’s message stand out, from understanding the impact on regulations and laws to strategically positioning them in local and national conversations.

Understanding the Impact on Regulation and Laws

The results of an election often significantly impact regulations and future lawmaking. By emphasizing how an attorney’s expertise aligns with these prospective changes, you can illustrate their grasp of the evolving legal landscape by highlighting specific bills and policies that may have potential legal ramifications following the election.

Balancing Local and National Focus

Recognizing the importance of addressing both local and national election topics is key. Tailoring your pitches to cater to the interests of the local/regional press while maintaining relevance on the national stage ensures a well-rounded and impactful approach. This also expands your pitching opportunities and allows you to target key markets.

Presenting Expert Commentary, Not Punditry

Positioning attorneys as experts offering informed commentary on specific topics, distinguishes them from mere pundits. Showing a nuanced understanding of potential election results, and their implications, adds depth to their contributions and avoids the pitfalls associated with playing politics.

Navigating Late Litigation Considerations

As national elections tend to result in ever-closer outcomes, addressing the potential for late litigation during election days and considering personal, client, and conflict risks is essential. By discussing the challenges and opportunities for legal professionals in navigating the election landscape, attorneys can add a layer of practicality to your pitch and provide interesting insight into a complicated post-election landscape.

Leveraging Election Law Expertise

If your firm has an election law expert, clarifying the rules and intricacies surrounding elections is a valuable topic to consider for your pitches. These can include electoral finance restrictions, laws related to ballots, and other specific election-related topics. By making these rules and regulations accessible, you increase the likelihood of your pitch being selected.

Be Part of the Conversation

In an election year, the media landscape is rife with opportunities for legal professionals to contribute meaningfully to the public discourse. By strategically considering the impact on regulations, balancing local and national focus, and presenting expert commentary, legal professionals can position themselves as trusted experts in the dynamic and evolving political landscape, while avoiding political pitfalls.

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Kaden Jacobs, APR, is a vice president of our media relations team based in Augusta, GA.