PR: 5 Reasons to Media Train Right Now

Posted by Poston
November 13, 2023

“I would love to do that interview, unfortunately, I’m not comfortable on camera,” or “Wow, we have an attorney who’s a star in the courtroom – thinking on his feet, but I’m not sure he could translate that energy on camera.”

We hear this all the time. When broadcast media opportunities come up, reporters are on a deadline. Fortunately, our team can do media training on the fly and can get anyone camera-ready, but it is not the most ideal way to be ready for your next media opportunity.

Media training establishes your confidence in not only your message delivery, but our simulations also help quell any anxiety in talking with journalists. We help you respond better to challenging questions and avoid any sort of “traps” (intentional or not) that lead to being thrown off your messaging, or worse – you end up being misquoted. We teach you tried and tested techniques that will ensure you authentically stay on message and ace your interview.

Here are five reasons why you should media train now:

  1. Right now, location and proximity do not matter: Before, reporters would like to come to you and meet in person or bring you into the studio, but since proximity is no longer as much of a barrier, an expert with access to a smart phone or computer is the new normal.
  2. Everyone needs media training. Even the most seasoned professionals need to be trained and re-trained. It is about honing and refining your messaging, ensuring you will perform top-notch when that curve ball comes your way (and it will). Some of the most refined CEOs we work with do media training on a continual basis – keeping them humble, on-message and prepared.
  3. Become an influencer. When you are talking about an important topic – especially in this time when people are seeking information from credible sources – you are raising your profile, but you can only be taken seriously when you can eloquently talk about it. The more comfortable you are relaying your insights, the more you raise your profile in a subject area.
  4. When you are good, you become a go-to source: If you are comfortable and well-received on camera, a reporter is going to come back to you for more stories. If they know what they are getting, you are valuable, and they are not going to risk trying a new source in the same industry. Instead, they will keep coming back for more of your insights.
  5. Take advantage of the down time. Media training is time consuming. The full media training experience can be several hours long. Many businesses are experiencing some flexibility right now, so it is a good time to get media training under your belt. No time like the present!

We truly marvel at the difference between the beginning and end of each media training session. A more confident person always emerges, and we love helping with this positive transition, setting clients up for success.