How to Create Social Media Content in Support of Your Business Goals

Posted by Georgie Palm
October 20, 2022

You have set your business goals for the year. Perhaps you’ve even put together a business development and marketing plan to help address how you are going to reach those goals. An important element of this plan is – or should be – social media.

While it may seem like busy attorneys or other professional service providers would have trouble keeping up with social media’s constant changes, it’s where current clients and prospective clients connect with businesses and thought leaders.

So, how do you know where to invest your time to make social media work for your law firm or business? Below are some things to consider when creating your social media content.

Understand who you want to target and go where your audience is. With all of the various social media platforms, it’s important to know which platform you need to be on to meet your audience. Should your firm or business be on LinkedIn? Most likely, yes. Should you firm or business be on Facebook? It depends. What about Twitter? There are different things to consider when you’re evaluating platforms but the most important thing to remember is that you need to be where your clients and prospects are.

Speak to your clients and prospects. Once you know where you need to be, how do you engage your audience? Write to their interests and their needs and demonstrate your experience in how you can help them with those needs. Remember you can’t be everything to everyone, so develop social media content that meets your business goals. For example, if your firm is targeting clients in the manufacturing industry, create social media content that addresses current issues and hot topics in that industry.

Create compelling and diverse content. Social media content should not simply be text with a few hashtags – it should include images, infographics and videos. Additionally, share social media content that aligns with your business goals, but that are not always created by you. Share news articles or trending videos that speak to your audience and provide your own commentary in the copy of the post as to why they are important to your clients.

The best place to start? Create a social media content calendar to organize your ideas and align these ideas with your business goals. If you or your firm need assistance with creating a social media content calendar or a social media content strategy, our Poston Content team can help. We conduct social media audits, creat social media content strategies and social media copy, and manage social media campaigns for law firms and professional services firm of all sizes across the country. Click here to learn more about our team, or contact us today.